Summer Jobs at Lakeshore 

Camp Coach

In response to the effects of COVID-19 Lakeshore wishes to acquire Day Camp Coaches. This paid position is offered for a time period of FIVE - TEN WEEKS.

The successful candidate is to care for campers in their assigned team during the day while participating in Devotionals, Teaching, Sports and Rec, and Activities. Coaches should possess organizational and communication skills, have a passion for seeing children and youth discover and develop their potential, have experience or a willingness to learn to lead small group meetings, and be both self-motivated and enjoy working in a team environment.

To apply to this incredible opportunity please send your resume and cover letter to the office by e-mail at or call 905-372-4388 for more details.

Subject to government grant application approval, the following new and exciting opportunities listed below may be made available.

Social Media Facilitator

The proposed position is to create opportunity to engage with onlookers in meaningful campaigns, in a time where youth and family may have become disconnected due to the requirement to cancel the 2020 season in response to COVID-19. The Social Media Facilitator will develop direction in the program planning and execution of the Social Media campaigns and other online content.

Athletic Facilitator

Lakeshore is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, and visionary worker to assist in the development and incorporation of a strong athletic opportunity for campers. While recreation has always been a part of camp programming, the athletic facilitator would be an integral part of designing, teaching and assisting in the development of athletic abilities for students. This facilitator will be a key player in reimagining what is able to be offered to future campers.

Summer Records, Library and Archives Facilitator

While COVID-19 brought the camping industry to a halt in 2020 many camps began to lose their identity and original vision. Lakeshore is looking for a strong independent worker that understands the importance of community history and legacy to develop/reimagine the way records and events are stored, recorded and celebrated. The successful candidate will work on records management, develop an expression to share in celebration of the 85th anniversary and facilitate a project reflecting on this camp season.


Virtual Camp Facilitator


For many generations Lakeshore has offered in-person camping experiences. With the COVID- 19 pandemic taking place Lakeshore is looking to create new and exciting ways to engage with campers who may not be comfortable with engaging with in-person events. This person will manage and facilitate the creative efforts and expressions of other staff and volunteers, and will develop and execute a plan to make public a virtual expression of camp.


Creative Arts Facilitator


Lakeshore is looking for a dynamic and creative mind to develop an opportunity for campers to experience the creative arts. It is with understanding that all students express different interests and skill that Lakeshore wishes to implement creative arts into its day camps by way of a facilitator. The successful candidate will assess needs, develop create medias for campers to participate in and give direction for the implementation.


Development Assistant(s)


In response to COVID-19 Lakeshore would like to implement a number of initiatives to reimagine how it can serve and facilitate youth now and in the future. While Lakeshore plans to continue to serve youth in its existing platform, the acquisition of an addition team to develop meaningful ways to elevate what is offered to registered youth from across Ontario will be vital for the operation this year with new restrictions and guidelines and the betterment and future of the camp. With the uncertainty of demands that will be created, Lakeshore is looking for a flexible, knowledgeable team worker that can adapt to needs as they arise.

To apply to these potential opportunities please send your resume and cover letter to the office by e-mail at or call 905-372-4388 for more details.