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For 87 years, Lakeshore Camp has stood as the enter of countless cherished memories. There have been moments of profound ministry—salvations, baptisms in the spirit, and healings—taking place every year. While 87 years may seem like a long time, the nostalgia associated with these memories makes it feel like they were just created yesterday.

This week, we invite you to reflect on your own camp memories and engage in our #GivingTuesday initiative. Our aim is to achieve our fundraising goal for 2023, and we've devised a creative way to involve you in the process. We've broken down our goal into manageable increments, ranging from $1 to $200, each represented by digital envelopes here. To contribute add one, two, or even ten envelopes to your cart, and proceed to checkout. The process is hassle-free, utilizing PayPal for payment; no PayPal account is required. Upon completion, your digital envelope will be promptly emailed to you, accompanied by a heartfelt thank-you letter.


If online transactions aren't your preference give us a call at the office or opt for an e-transfer to Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a role in shaping future memories. To learn more about these envelopes and what is taking place swing by YouTube and have a look.

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