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For some summer of 2020 felt like it flew by while for others summer was the longest March Break in history. 

Although Lakeshore remained closed this summer, camp staff partnered with the Eastern Ontario District office to produce an alternative method of “camp like” moments for each ministry camp week. If you have not yet had a glance at these reflections, consider heading over to the section labeled “The 2020 Alternative Season”. In it you will find a review of what took place and the link to Lakeshore’s YouTube channel with everything from this summer. You certainly will not want to miss out on the Jr High Bonfire songs.

As the summer has come to a close we are waiting patiently to understand what will be permitted to take place on the grounds in 2021. When this decision is known our team will be ready to implementations as directed.

Until then, we ask that you partner with us in prayer for wisdom and discernment for the future. 

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