Day Camps '22

By popular request Day Camps at Lakeshore is making a return. Last year campers experienced teaching sessions, small group discussions, campfires, swimming, kayaking, archery, art and crafts, field games, water toys and so much more. As the return of Day Camps was decided earlier preparations have already began starting off with the return of the much loved and appreciated Matthew Werenich. So your child can expect the things they loved in 2021 and so much more. 

Please Note:  Registration is currently full, please click below to sign up to the waitlist. 



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Our FOUR day camps will be:

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Week One:  July 11th  to July 15th

Step through the wardrobe for a week of fantasy and adventure! Inspired by C. S. Lewis’ best-selling series and blockbuster films, Camp Narnia will remind us of the people we can be when we trust in God, the Lion within our hearts.  

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Week Two:  July 18th  to July 22nd

You can achieve an explosive chemical reaction with nothing more than baking soda and vinegar – but to understand the building blocks of life, you have to be connected with the original engineer. Camp Science will teach us the critical elements we must have to fulfill the electrifying purpose God has for our lives. 

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Week Three:  July 25th  to July 29th

Arts. Crafts. Dinosaurs. This week, we’ll be digging up the truth of what it means to be brought back to life by the one who gave his life for us. Whether your faith feels endangered or extinct, this creatives-focused program will show how God at your side means it’s never too late to come back roaring. 

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Week Four: August 1st  to August 5th

Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing? Jam-packed with all the strategy, teamwork, and challenge you’ll find in the hit television series, Camp Survivor will prepare your tribe to pursue the greatest prize of all time – an unbreakable alliance with the God of the sky, sea, and everything in between. 

By offering a full week of camp experience to all campers ages 6 – 16 each of the four weeks, a family with children, jr highs, and young youth can all sign up in the same week if your time is limited on the grounds. Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for children and their families and we wish for no one to miss out. The cost is $220 for the first registration, and each additional week or child from the same household is $200.  Just pack a lunch, send them our way and we'll take care of the rest. Each day runs from 9am to 5pm.


Please Note:  Registration is currently full, please click below to sign up to the waitlist.