Tabernacle at Sunrise - Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp - Kevin Andrews - July 20-2015-Promo Re


Chapel on the Grounds exists on Sunday Mornings outside of the regular Eastern Ontario District ministry camps. Everyone is welcomed to join us at 10:30am each Sunday from May long weekend to Labour Day. 

Sunday August 28, 2022

Worship: Kim Goring

10:30 am in the Tabernacle

Speaker: Ryan Morgan

Sunday September 4th
@ 10:30 am

A compelling new musical theatrical production that presents the greatest stories of Revival in the last 2000 years of Church history in approximately an hour. This exciting drama tells the story of incredible men and women of God who witnessed powerful, miraculous moves of God in their day. It does so with humour and fast paced story-telling that makes these important historical moments interesting and engaging for audiences of all ages. It includes the most incredible true stories from the Book of Acts up to the present age. Audiences will be left inspired and hungry to see God move in the same way today.

If it happened then… it can happen now!


The cast of five includes very talented professional Christian theatre artists, who play many different characters throughout the presentation.